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      How May We Assist You?


      Our clients call on us to do many things, including taking care of their loved ones. Quite often, AGI is called upon by out of state relatives of a local resident (such as an elderly parent or college student) to assist with the needs of their loved ones. It is not unusual for us to make appointments, attend appointments, and provide detailed reporting to our clients. We have even been given Power of Attorney to act on behalf of our clients in a limited or specific matter.


      Our Ambassadors are always ready and willing to go the extra mile with whatever may be needed of them.  We are frequently called upon for settling-in and destination services.  In addition to providing world class service, AGI provides a plethora of valuable resources to further accommodate our clients.

      Need a Realtor? We can help with that.  Visit www.apriljjohnson.com for Realtor® services.

      Intercultural Learning

      Not all newcomers are well versed in the traditions and language of their new environment. AGI and its’ partners can make relocating to the area more enjoyable by providing: cultural immersion, language coaching, and special events that center around specific holidays, along with a variety of services that may be essential for the convenience and comfort of the new resident.

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